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Lesson Plans

January 13-24


Snowman Art


Book-   ”If Picasso painted a Snowman”

Book-  “ Snowmen at Night”

Lesson terms and vocabulary- Perspective, shadow, blend

Lesson Objective- Flat circle to sphere, shape to form

Valentine Cards for Veterans 





Snowman art- Aerial View Snowman (birds eye view)

Book-   ”If Picasso painted a Snowman”

Book-  “ Snowmen at Night”

Lesson terms and vocabulary- Perspective, shadow, blend

Lesson Objective- Flat circle  to sphere, shape to form

Valentine cards for veterans 

January 6, 2020


Snowflake Art

Symmetry/Line of Symmetry

Radial Symmetry-Rotational symmetry

Bilateral Symmetry-Reflection or mirror symmetry

Discuss each/ differences


Construct a snowflake. Cut and decorate snowflakes with different shapes and patterns.

K-CR.1.k.1, CR2.k.1

1-CR.1.1.1, CR.2.1.1



Cut snowflake/watercolor/paint outline.


4- CR1.4.2, CR2.4.1




December 9-13, 16-20


Holiday Art

Tree art –

k- CR.1.k.2, CR.2.k.1


2- CR.1.2.3,CR.2.2.1

3- CR.1.3.2, CR.2.3.1

4-CR.1.4.2, CR.2.4.1

Paul Klee- Book- “Cat and Bird”

artwork by Paul Klee/ Draw Cat and Bird

December 2-6

K- Book- Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree by Robert Barry

Christmas Tree Art

CR.1.k.1,CR.2.k.1, CR1.k.2


Book-Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Brigg

National Science Foundation Photography

1ST- Snowflake Print

CR.!.1.2, CR,1,1,3, CR3.1.1,CR1.1.1

2nd- Snowflake Cut Art



Snowflake Tape Art/watercolor/ cool colors

CR.1.3.1, CR.1.2.3, CR2.3.1,

CR.1.4.1, Cr2.4.1, R.4.1


November 11-15

November 18-22


Book- “Twas the night Before Thanksgiving”

Turkey Hats- Revisit lines, shape and color

Book- “Pete the Cat, The First Thanksgiving”

Turkey printmaking- Thankful Turkey

CR.1.k.2, CR.2.k.1, CR.3.k.1


Grades 1-2

Book- “Twas the Night before Thanksgiving”

Finish Tissue paper art

Dr. Suess tree design

Review Dr. Suess books for art designs

CR.1.1.1, CR.1.1.2, CR.2.1.1,

CR.1.2.1, CR.1.2.2, CR.2.2.1,


Grades 3-4

Book- “Twas the Night Before Thanksgivng”

Finish Weaving

Dr. Suess tree design

Review Dr. Suess books for art designs

CR.1.3.1, CR.1.3.2, CR.2.3.1,

CR.1.4.1, CR.1.4.2, CR.1.4.1,

October 28-November 1

November 4-8

Finish Owls (1-3)

Veteran’s Day Cards

Book- “The Noisy Paint Box”- The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky’s Abstract Art

K- Bleeding Tissue Paper Art

1-2 Flower Art

3-4 Weaving Art

CR1.K.1, CR.1.1.1, CR.1.2.1, CR.1.3.1, CR.1.4.1

CR.1.K.2, CR.1.1.2,CR.1.2.2, CR.1.3.2, CR.1.4.2

CR.1.k.3, CR.1.1.3, CR.1.2.3, CR.1.3.3, CR.1.4.3

CR.2.k.1, CR.2.1.1, CR.2.2.1,CR.2.3.1, CR.2.4.1

CR.2.k.2,CR.2.1.2,CR.2.2.2,CR.2.3.2, CR.2.4.2




Lesson Plans October 14-25


Art Lesson Plans

Finish Leaf Blending, Spider Blending, Pumpkin Blending

Book- “Owl Moon” by Jane Yolen

K- Primary colors to secondary colors /Owl Art

CR.1.K.1, CR.1.K.2

1-3 Owl Art-Weaving

CR.2.1.2, CR.1.1.3,

CR.2.2.1, CR.1.2.3,

CR.2.3.1, CR.2.3.2


4- Collaborative Art, Be Kind lesson

CR.1.4.1, CR.2.4.1, P.5.4.1, P.6.4.1



Art Lesson Plans

September 30 – October 4/ October 7-11


Finish Self-Portraits

Mixing Primary Colors to create Secondary colors

Read “Leaf Man” and “Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf” by Lois Ehlert, “How Many Seeds are in a pumpkin?” by Margaret McNarmara


K-2 Spider web art

3-4 Pumpkin Art

CR.1.K.1, CR.1.1.3, CR.1.2.3

CR.2.K.1, CR.2.1.1, CR.2.2.1, CR.2.3.1, CR.2.4.1

CR.2.K.2, CR.2.1.2, CR.2.2.2, CR.2.3.2, CR.2.4.2





Watercolor Portraits

Students will create their likeness the next two weeks. First we will plan out our self portraits and sketch ourselves. After sketching we will use watercolors to bring our likenesses to life.

Standards CR2.K.1, CR2.1.1, CR2.2.1, CR2.3.1, CR2.4.1


Students will make a plan, use the elements of art in their artwork and make art with a purpose.

September 16-20

Same as above adding color.


Lesson Plans September 3-6


Book- “The Dot” by Peter H Reynolds

What does “Make your mark….. And see where it takes you! mean to you ?

3rd and 4th grade will finish their pencils

Discuss- What is a sculpture? Brainstorm types of sculpures

Students will create round sculpture for “Dot Day”

CR.1.K.1, CR.1. K.3, CR.2.K.1

CR.1.1.1,CR.1.1.3, CR.2.1.1

CR.1.2.1, CR.2.2.1 

CR.1.3.1, CR.1.3.3 CR.2.3.1,

CR1.4.1, CR.1.4.3CR 2.4.1,

Read the Book ISH

Celebrate National DOT DAY!!!!! Create a masterpiece from a dot.