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Donna Hester

Welcome to my online classroom.

Lesson Plans August 19-23


Create hands for Theme Tree- Root for each other and watch each other grow! Monday and Tuesday classes

Self Portrait-K

Elements of Art-Line- Larry the Line/Make shapes like Larry/Play line game

Books- “Monsters Love School”/ “Monsters Love Color”

Practice lines on Monsters

Standards- CR 2.K.1, CR 2.K2- CR 2.1.1, CR 2.1.2- CR 2.2.1, CR 2.2.2


3rd -4th grades

Hands for theme tree- Monday and Tuesday classes

Book- “The Pencil”

Revisit the art around them/Alliteration/Discuss Lines

Pencil Art

Standards- CR 2.3.1, CR 2.3.2- CR 2.4.1, CR2.4.2















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